Binaural Audio or 3D Audio is a century old technology that has been out for a while but many of us didn’t know what it was.

Searching online would give you some weird and goofy results. So here I’ll be explaining it in ease.

Basically Binaural Audio is the usage of two microphones placed inside each ear of a Mannequin head (known as Dummy-Head Recording).


Some people will ask ‘Do u need a Mannequin Head to do this?’ Actually no but u need a model of a human ear because the sound before entering the microphone bounces on the walls of the ear which gives a 3D effect to the audio.

So  basically the shape of the ear plays a very important role to how we hear things.

Can Dolby Atmos or Dolby 5.1 replace Binaural Audio?

Nope, Binaural Audio is unique but Dolby can compete with Binaural Audio but cannot replace it due to Binaural Audio’s authenticity.

That’s all I can express about Binaural Audio by words. So I’ll be linking down a short film which was binaurally recorded, so that you can also admire how our ears play an important role in hearing. But make sure u were the best headphones/earphones you have to indulge in the experience.

Thankyou for Reading!

Have a great day ahead!


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