We all know that Apple recently refreshed their iPad line by replacing the iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 with The New iPad just called as The iPad (2017).

Source : Apple

 So why did Apple bring out this iPad(2017) when The Next Gen iPad Pro is gonna come to the market very soon which is rumoured to be bezelless and posses better specifications than any other iPad??

Apple brought out this iPad because the iPad line was kinda messed up and they wanted to even it out so that new consumers won’t get confused whether to buy which iPad. This iPad is basically for the people who do normal stuff and doesn’t need those Pro features that are there in the iPad Pro Series. So this is what Apple actually did to the iPad Lineup

Refreshed iPad Lineup & iPad (2017) Characteristics

**There is a mistake in the image above..it comes with iOS 10.3 not iOS 9.3**

Advantages of The iPad(2017)

– Driven by Apple’s A9 chip manufactured by TSMC.

– Comes out of the box with iOS 10.3.

– It features the longest battery life than any other iPad as of now.

Disadvantages of The iPad (2017)

– No Support for Apple Pencil

Non laminated display (basically the Air gap is visible between the glass and the display  which destroys the purpose of the Retina display)

– No quad speakers, just dual speakers

– No Smart Connector

– A bit chunky ( new consumers won’t notice it but those who are coming back to this iPad from the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro will notice it).


I wouldn’t recommend buying this iPad (2017) for the users who have the iPad Air or the iPad Pro as it will be the same except some minor improvements. But for those who are moving from the iPad 2, 3, 4, it’s highly recommended that u get one even for the people who are moving from Android as iOS optimisations are far better than that of Samsung devices or any Android devices for that matter and also this is a FISHER PRICE iPad that Apple has ever created and it is good enough for its price and it also has the A9 chip so it should be snappy as the iPad Pro

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day ahead!


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