As we go down the streets we all see people indulged on their phones while they are going for work or for commuting to any other place. We are in a world where virtual communication is more prioritized than physical communication, basically physical communication is totally lost. This is quite saddening.



Pedestrian Crossing

To retrieve the lost physical communication Sandro Engel & Amelie Künzler came up with ActiWait. ActiWait has two main functions, one of them is to retrieve the lost physical communication and the other one is that waiting for the traffic light to turn red can be pretty boring but with ActiWait it’s just fun to wait for the traffic light to turn red.

What’s ActiWait?

ActiWait is basically a smart redesigned traffic light button which has a touch screen, built-in wifi and a game in it which is intended to bring back fun and personality.



Pong (ActiWait)

So with ActiWait, you can directly play a game with an anonymous person on the other side of the pedestrian crossing. For example Pong, so basically when the traffic light turns red, the game ends and there is a winner and a loser.




So ActiWait can bring back happiness into people’s lives, people would get to know each other better and this would save many people’s lives too as they can put away their phones at least when they are pedestrian crossing and importantly waiting for the traffic light to turn red would never be boring again.

So this is all about ActiWait. I’ll be linking down a demo of ActiWait.. so you can check it out for yourselves how cool is that.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day ahead!


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