There are so many virtual assistants out there from Apple’s Siri to Google Assistant but Amazon has been ruling the virtual assistants market recently with their Echo devices integrated with Alexa and they already have 5 devices in their lineup…the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Echo Look and now the Echo Show which is just amazing.

Alexa made its way to cars too like Ford which just proves out that Amazon really wants to hype their Smart AI Assistants because Apple’s version of Smart Home Assistant is rumoured to debut in this year’s WWDC. The thing about Apple is that they acquire the technology much later than other tech companies and they tend to do it way better than others and that’s my fascination towards Apple.

What is Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon Echo Show is quite different from its previous iterations. Amazon Echo Show features virtual assistant Alexa which is the same as it was in the previous devices but now with Echo features a 7-inch display with a front facing 5 megapixel camera and has dual Dolby speakers which is pretty cool.

What Can You Do With it?

– You can tell Echo Show to search videos up on YouTube and you can play it on the built-in 7-inch display.

–  You can control your lights, locks and all Alexa-enabled devices with just your voice.

– You can purchase from with just your voice.

– You can tell Alexa to set reminders.

– You can tell Echo Show to video-call your friends using Skype.

-You can play music directly from your phone and those Dolby speakers are really capable of filling the whole room with music.

The future is all about virtual assistants but I wouldn’t recommend buying Echo Show because it’s not portable, you need to keep it plugged all the time and they are always listening to you which is kinda creepy and also Apple is rumoured to debut their Home Assitant at WWDC which I’m totally awaiting for just because Apple is the one who initiated the first virtual assistant Siri on October 4th, 2011 and then all the companies followed it. So Apple can really step up the battle.

So that’s all about Amazon Echo Show. Hope You liked it.

Thanks for Reading!

Have a great day ahead!


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