What is Wannacry?

WannaCry (also known as Wanna Cryptor) is a horrendous ransomware that has infected more than 200,000 devices in about 153 countries. The most affected countries are China and Russia. They basically encrypt all your files and ask you to pay a ransom of $300 in Bitcoins to unlock it. The more you wait..the more you’ll have to pay but when it surpasses a week..all the files will be lost and cannot be recovered but even if u pay the ransom its not assured that the device will be free or not.


WannaCry Ransomware

1 Bitcoin = $1993.98

Bitcoin is basically digital currency. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Hackers mainly use this type of currency because there is no middleman (such as a bank) and it cannot be tracked to whom its being payed too.

Who Initiated WannaCry?

Microsoft blamed U.S National Security Agency for the cyberattack ‘WannaCry’ as Microsoft gave their computer vulnerabilities to NSA so that they can hack into enemy systems but the vulnerabilities was leaked and the hackers took advantage of it.


Bitcoin (Virtual Currency)

Who Is The Target?

This ransomware attack mainly targets businesses. This ransomware attack first appeared in UK where 16 state-run hospitals were affected by this ransomware attack and patients lives were put to risk and later it was found out that the Windows devices were not updated on a regular basis. Not only hospitals were affected but major businesses such as FedEx, Latam Airlines, a car plant in France and railways in Australia were seemed to be affected by this dangerous cyberattack.

How Can You Prevent?

Its easy to prevent your device from this cyberattack. All you need to do is to keep your device updated with the latest security patches from Microsoft.



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