DJI is a Chinese Company which is known for its expertise in the drone industry and also their cameras, gimbals and many more. They recently launched their new drone called as the DJI Spark. DJI has released so many drones from DJI Phantom to the Mavic Pro.


They also have Ronins which is used by cinematographers for filming videos steadily handheld . In fact cinematographers use the drone itself for filming as the camera in all the DJIs are incredibly great.

Before the release of the DJI Spark, the simplest, intuitive and the portable drone was the Mavic Pro. But DJI shocked the consumer drone market by releasing the DJI Spark.

What is DJI Spark?

DJI Spark is basically a beginners drone and it comes in 5 new stunning colors Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red and Sunrise Yellow. It’s very small in size and it can be controlled by simple hand gestures without using any device or a controller.


It comes with a 12 megapixel shooter and packs up almost all the features that you would expect from other DJI drones and its fly time is 15-16 minutes and it can reach up to a max speed of 50km/h(31mph) when enabled in sport mode.


It retails at $500 and this is the cheapest, lightest, intuitive and the most powerful miniature drone that DJI has ever made.


But there is a drawback in this drone for its very small size that can only shoot 1080p at 30fps. Even though the camera is capable of shooting at 4K resolution, the drone is just so small that the system is not capable of shooting at 4K. But DJI has made the camera sensor a bit larger so that it will allow more light to get in the photos taken with Spark than all those smartphone cameras out there.

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