Apple already has two chips to power their current iPhones and iPads. One is ‘Ax’ series chip which basically powers all the iPhones, iPads and iPods and the other one is the Apple’s motion coprocessor which was first introduced on the iPhone 5S which basically collects and keeps all motion data within the device and now there’s Apple’s Neural Engine.

Apple Neural Engine

Apple’s WWDC event is on June 5-9 exactly one week to go and now there are rumours about a new chip on the works which is mostly likely to be called as the ‘Apple Neural Engine’ that is expected to be integrated on their upcoming iPhones and iPads to power artificial intelligence features such as  better speech recognition, augmented reality, better battery conservation and many more!.



Google and Amazon are driving their way ahead of Apple in the artificial intelligence game with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa respectively.

But if you pay a visit to the past . You’ll know that Apple was the first company to get on with Artificial Intelligence with its AI assistant Siri and then all other companies got in to the business. So Apple is most likely expected to pull AI (Artificial Intelligence) to a whole new level with their upcoming iPhones and iPads.


WWDC Expectations!

In this year’s WWDC we can expect iOS 11, new versions of MacOS, TvOS, WatchOS and probably new iPads and refreshed Mac Book Pros with Kaby Lake processors instead of Sky Lake processors.

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