This year’s keynote was the biggest one of all times. There are new hardware as well as software releases.

Software Announcements

In this year’s WWDC, Apple announced new software  watchOS 4, iOS 11, tvOS and macOS High Sierra.


San Jose McEnery Convention Center ( WWDC 17 )

1) watchOS 4

-In this version of watchOS, Apple revamped their watch face with ‘Siri Watch Face’ . Basically it’s like Google cards. The Siri watch face will give the right information you need at the right time. For example in the morning, it will display traffic updates and meetings you have that day. And this is made possible with machine learning (CoreML), basically the system learns what to display based on your routines.

-Apple Watch had Micky and Minnie watch faces but now with watchOS 4, there are three new characters added to the Apple Watch and those are  Sheriff Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear.


-And now with watchOS 4, you can synchronize with the GYM equipment in order to get accurate workout results.

siri watch face

WWDC’17 ( Siri Watch Face )

2) tvOS

There was nothing much talked about tvOS. But Amazon Video is on its way to the Apple TV.

3) macOS High Sierra

In this version of MacOS, Apple just wants to perfect their operating system and the changes are in Safari. Now Safari has ‘intelligent tracking prevention’ and its now 80% faster than Google also has better photo editing tools and support for VR.


Safari is now 80% faster than Chrome

4) iOS 11

iOS is the world’s most widely used mobile operating system so far. And with iOS 11, UI has changed a lot and now the camera can shoot better low-light photography.


Do Not Disturb While Driving is a new feature on iPhones, it basically senses whether your driving or not and if you are driving…the mode will be automatically enabled and you won’t receive any notifications while driving. This could save many people’s lives.


– Now there’s a tweaked control center, screen recorder as well as new animations everywhere when opening and closing apps and while turning on the display.

– The lock screen and the Notification Center is unified now, 

– App Store, iTunes Store and Settings have been redesigned inside out, every icon in the control center is now 3D Touch capable.


Siri has improved a lot on iOS 11 and now it has a new logo which just looks fantastic and also new male and female voices for Siri which doesn’t look like a computer-generated voice but sounds more true to life.

Apple Files was just launched with iOS 11 and its free to download on the App Store. It will basically allow you to copy, sort and arrange your files. It also connects to cloud storages such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.


Apple Maps has been improved too and it is now capable of mapping out airports and malls.

Photos you capture with the iPhone will just consume half the storage space than a normal photo captured on iOS 10. So basically this update will give you back ample amount of storage.

iOS 11 for iPad is totally revamped now and now you can drag and drop multiple files and do so much more with the iPad which you could not do on iOS 10 and now iOS 11 on iPad brings multitasking capabilities too.


Hardware Announcements

iPad Pro 10.5

Apple launched its most anticipated iPad Pro 10.5 inch to replace the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and this is because 9.7 inch wasn’t big enough for a fully functional keyboard.


So Apple made the iPad Pro 10.5  in order to work extremely well with the Smart Keyboard. 

This device packs a ton of features.

  • The screen size is 20% larger than the iPad Pro 9.7.
  • The bezels have shrunken down by 40%.
  • Packs A10X Fusion chip.
  • This is the first iPad to have the support to play HDR content.
  • Comes with 64 GB standard…upgradable up to 512GB.
  • Comes with a new feature called ProMotion which just doubles the refresh rate
  • This iPad features a bright display about 600nits (1 nit = 1 candle worth of brightness.)

HomePod – Siri Smart Speaker

HomePod is a new smart speaker by Apple to compete with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. It is 6.8 inch high, it comes in two colours.


It senses the room and it outputs and adjusts the music based on where it is placed in the room. It comes with A8 chip and it has 7 tweeters to dish out superior sound and 6 microphones to detect your voice.

If you have HomeKit-enabled devices, you can control all your devices with just using the command ‘Hey, Siri’.

MacBook Refresh

MacBooks have been refreshed with Kaby Lake processors from Sky lake. A new device was introduced in WWDC and that is iMac Pro which is packed with so many features but it mainly concentrates on professional users and not normal users.

That’s all about WWDC…

Hope You Liked It!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day ahead!




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