Apple announced a new device called the ‘HomePod’ in this year’s WWDC to compete with their rivals Google Home and the Amazon Echo variants and this device comes in two stunning colours which we all like Space Grey and White.



Apple’s HomePod (White)


This smart speaker is not only built to compete with other smart home assistants but also to compete with high-end speakers such as Sonos and Bose. The HomePod is expected to go on sale coming December.


Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod and Sonos Play:1


  • Multi-room speaker support with Airplay 2.
  • It is powered by Apple’s A8 chip.
  • It has 7 tweeters and high excursion woofer to dish out superior sound quality.
  • It senses the environment in which its placed and tunes the music according to the environment it is placed in.
  • It has 6 microphones built-in to detect your voice even though the music is being played loud in the background.
  • You can say the command ‘Hey, Siri’ to activate it and you can ask any requests that you would normally ask a Siri-enabled device. Siri has been enhanced a lot on iOS 11.
  • Works seamlessly with HomeKit-enabled devices.

Inside Apple’s HomePod

HomePod successor of iPod Hi-Fi

A decade ago Apple announced a smart speaker which was priced at $349 same as the HomePod and it was called as the ‘iPod Hi-Fi’ and it was quickly discontinued in 2007. It was a great speaker though but the hilarious thing about the iPod Hi-Fi was that it can be powered by 6 batteries which was kinda an astonishing move from Apple at that time and it also had the legendary 30-pin adapter for iPod and also an Auxiliary port.


Apple’s iPod Hi-Fi (Discontinued)

So that’s all about Apple’s new HomePod.

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