Oneplus is actually a small company which has been disrupting the smartphone industry for a while with their high-end specs and also offering it in a affordable price tag rather than iPhones and high-end galaxy devices like the Galaxy S8.



Oneplus 5 ( BACK )


And now we have Oneplus 5. So what actually happened to Oneplus 4 why Oneplus 5. The reason is that 4 is actually an unlucky number in China. So that is the reason why this phone is called the Oneplus 5.

What’s New?

  • New designcurved edges and a sleeker design and full Anodized Aluminium back.
  • Comes in two colours – Slate Grey and Midnight Black.



Oneplus 5 – Midnight Black


  • Comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 ( If you want to know more about it please check out my previous post on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835).
  • Dual camera setup like the iPhone 7 Plus – one camera is 16 megapixel (main) and that is the main shooter and the second one is the Telephoto lens (secondary) which is 20 megapixels. The reason why it is 20 megapixels is because eventually when you are using the telephoto lens..your gonna zoom in and by topping up the megapixels you wont lose the clarity of the image.



Oneplus 5 – Dual-camera setup


  • The most exciting feature about the Oneplus is that now it comes with 6/8 GB RAM!! which is totally insane for a phone like this…so basically the operating system will be buttery smooth and you can hold up more apps in the background.


  • This phone comes with Android Nougat which means that this device has Google Assistant built-in like other Android devices.
  • Even though it runs Android runs OxygenOS on top of it which is pretty much Stock Android but with a lot of tweaks.
  • This phone comes with Dash Charging..which is really good if you are a heavy smartphone user. It basically gives you a day power in just half an hour and also it keeps your phone cool while charging unlike iPhones and other devices.
  • With this phone you get high-end specs for a reasonable price tag.



Oneplus 5 – Oneplus 3T – Oneplus 3



  • This phone still does not feature water or dust resistant. So you may have to think twice before you take it out in the rain.
  • This smartphone is not widely available like the iPhone or other devices. You may need to search couple of online stores to actually find out where it is being sold.

So that’s all about Oneplus 5

Hope You Liked It!

Thanks for reading

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