‘Petya’ is the new massive ransomware attack. It does the same thing as the WannaCry did. It basically locks down the system completely and asks you to pay a ransom of $300 in bitcoins. Basically you can not boot it up as the virus totally shuts the system down.



The Petya Ransomeware


The attack first struck computers in the Ukraine and it crippled government offices, the central bank, a state-run aircraft manufacturer, airports, public transportation and several firms. And later on it spread throughout Europe and United States.


Many companies were affected by this terrible ransomware ‘Petya’. Maersk is one of the largest shipping container line and it was seemed to be affected by this terrible ransomware as their systems were reported down on Twitter.



Maersk – Shipping Container Line


Not only Maersk was hit by this massive ransomware but also companies like Rosneft, Saint-Gobain and also Cadbury’s chocolate factory came to a halt due to this ransomware attack.



Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory in Hobart


How To Prevent It?

It is said that keeping your Windows system updated with all the latest security patches from Microsoft will protect your system from these kind of dangerous ransomware attacks as hackers are basically taking advantage of a flaw on Windows-running devices.

So that’s all about Petya

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