This is Amazon’s new home tech gadget for buying stuff on, basically this item is for your kitchen or you can place it anywhere you want to in your home.

Amazon-Dash Wand

What does it do?

It quickly scans item’s barcode with its built-in scanner and adds the item automatically to your shopping cart to be purchased later on so that you won’t miss out on buying your groceries.


And this device is magnetic so you can stick it on a refrigerator and also it is water resistant.

This gadget is the cheapest gadget with Alexa that Amazon has ever made….it only costs $20 which is extremely cheap compared to other Alexa-enabled devices. And also after you register the device you’ll get $20 free credit so basically this device is totally free *excluding all shipping costs*.


Even though this gadget runs Amazon Alexa, it lacks many features such as continuity basically Alexa just responds to what you ask and doesn’t follow up on that like other Amazon Alexa devices.

It can almost do everything that Amazon Alexa can do except it doesn’t have a timer, continuity and you need to push the button on the device every single time to wake Alexa which is kinda bad but for its price it’s totally acceptable.


So that’s all about Amazon’s DashWand

Hope You Liked It

Thanks for reading!



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