RED is an American company which is very well known for its high-tech camera gear. They have cameras which shoot in 8K, 6K and 4K as well and they are highly professional cameras and is only used by professionals in the cine field.

*Shot on RED*

RED products are on a very expensive side as well for its outstanding hardware and it’s not for general consumer use.


RED is currently working on a HOLOGRAPHIC smartphone but what’s special about this device is that there’s no involvement of wearing any sort of glasses while viewing the screen cause the display itself is holographic….

RED Hydrogen One | Prototype

According to a source, ‘It creates an in-depth 3D depth kind of look on a ’4-dimensional screen’. It’s something totally new and futuristic and it’s not seen on any smartphone as of now.

Prototype | RED Hydrogen One


RED’s new phone is gonna pack a 5.7” Hydrogen Holographic Display…its gonna be a very huge phone just to hold all those futuristic internals on the inside.

This phone is gonna run on Stock Android, its gonna have power button doubling as a fingerprint sensor too, it has dual camera setup and a dedicated record button and most importantly it has a headphone jack unlike some other phones in the market.

iPhone 7 Plus | Hydrogen One | Oneplus 5

RED has been doing outstandingly well in the camera industry and I can’t wait to see what RED has onboard in its all-new smartphone. Probably an outstanding camera  combined with the all-new futuristic display.

It is expected to go on sale in the first quarter of 2018 which is a long wait.. I’m so hyped..

*Shot on RED*

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Have a great day ahead !


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